Reaching Teens at Their

Pivotal Moments

Will You Help?

Our goal is to Raise $1,000,000 by year end

Whether they are suffering from loneliness, depression, unhealthy relationships, lack of self-worth or a lack of direction, teens often come to us in a very dark place. But darkness is where God's light shines brightest.

By mirroring God's grace, we offer friendship, patience and understanding to teens in ways some have never known. Because of your partnership, together we are able to reach teens who have all but lost hope, because we meet them where they are until they're ready for more.

The work we do has gotten harder. It takes more time, more people and more engagement to impact today's teens...all which costs more money. As a follower of Christ, we know that you care. But today, caring costs more, too.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so together we can continue offering help, hope, and a relationship with Jesus to teenagers throughout central Ohio. We know we are asking you to stretch, but the kids are worth it.

It's a Tough time to be a teen

Let's Help them in their pivotal moments

After getting out of the juvenile detention center, "David" was depressed and contemplated the direction of his life. He connected with a local construction company that mentors at-risk youth, and he's been moving in a positive direction ever since. David said God led him to start making changes, and he is thankful for his time in City Life. "All the talks, all the prayers paid off. All the little things matter, and I will never forget."

"Tom" felt alone and had no hope, but he was grateful that the JJM Chaplain was one of the few people who stuck by his side despite all his bad decisions. That led to a talk about how God never leaves our side when we surrender our lives to him. Tom prayed to receive Christ and is committed to praying and reading his Bible.

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Creative Ways to Invest in Teens

Maybe you'd like to be involved in other ways? Explore these opportunities to invest in teens through YFC.