Seeing True Change through Jesus

July 9, 2024


by Nick Kyro — Site Leader, Franklin County Intervention Center

Good things are happening at the Franklin County Juvenile Intervention Center:

  • Since January, 43 teens have chosen to receive Christ’s forgiveness. As they walk in their new faith, their behaviors are improving. Many of these teens have received “honors” which means they have achieved the highest level of privileges given at the JIC.
  • Three youth recently graduated from high school while being in detention. All three are youth who are involved with JJM and meet regularly with a chaplain and talk about how Jesus can transform their lives.
  • During the ceremony, other youth who have earned privileges due to their exceptional behavior put on performances for those who had gathered. Most of these youth also attend our chapels and meet individually with a chaplain.

True change is happening in these young lives as they embrace their new faith in Jesus. COYFC is grateful to serve these teens as well as teens in four other juvenile detention facilities in Central Ohio.

How can you help? We always need prayer partners as well as people to write notes of encouragement to the youth (they love receiving cards and letters). Also, we need more relational volunteers to meet with the teens. You can visit the JJM WEBSITE PAGE to learn more.