Only Two Girls at Club…and it’s a good thing!

November 3, 2022


Abigail James
JV Club

“Julie” has been able to explain the Gospel fairly clearly for the last month or so. The conversation has always been the same. Me: “Have you asked for God’s forgiveness?” Julie: “No.” Me: “Why not?” Julie: “I don’t know.” And it would end there. Any more questions from me would be shrugged off, and she would change the subject or wander away.

Recently, Julie and her cousin “Grace” have been consistent at our JV Bible study. When this week’s JV Club started with so many complications, I was discouraged. Our teacher was sick, so we had to improvise. Then we had technical issues. Then all but two of our girls had to leave. But the two who stayed happened to be Julie and Grace — and there were no distractions!

We were finally able to continue the conversation that I had with them so many times. Me: “If you have a legitimate reason, we should totally talk about it. But if nothing is holding you back, do you want to just do it now?” And she said yes! We asked Grace if she wanted to as well, and after thinking for a second, she said yes too! So we all prayed together.

God knew these girls needed a distraction-free environment, and He provided when all the other girls left!