A Painful Lesson

December 2, 2021


by Jamie Jiang, DTQ Ministry Leader

Recently, at one of our in-school mentoring groups, we challenged the DTQ students to consider how they could grow as leaders. All the students identified “Michael” as the sole leader of their class, an assessment he agreed with.

Over the summer, Michael had made a mistake that caused another student considerable negative consequences. We challenged Michael to consider how a leader should respond to his mistakes. Taking ownership was a painful process, but through a long conversation with a DTQ leader, he admitted his fault and wrote an apology letter to the other student.

Most Deaf and Hard of Hearing teens do not have leaders in their lives to show them what true humility and sacrificial leadership look like. But through Deaf Teen Quest, D/HH students in Columbus are being challenged to take the painful steps of maturity by leaders who are modeling Christ’s love and leadership to them. Pray that Michael would see the value and wisdom in leading with humility and that he would choose to honor God above himself with the influence that He has given him.