“Can God Understand Me?”

April 4, 2023


Jamie Jiang
Deaf Teen Quest

Join us in praising God for two DTQ salvations!

One of our 8th grade girls has expressed over and over that she could never be acceptable to God, and that He won’t respond to her even if she did talk to Him. She thought that receiving God’s grace meant that she has to change her whole life, and that making this decision is too big for her right now.

After a year and a half of DTQ leaders pursuing her and reminding her of truth, she finally realized that all God wants from her is to believe. After affirming again that God could understand her in ASL (American Sign Language), she prayed for salvation. The next day she shared that she had had a dream that God was pushing her on a swing in a peaceful place, and she felt free.

We met a new 6th grade girl this past Fall, and she has enjoyed participating in our in-school groups, developing trust with our DTQ leaders and sharing about her heartbreaking home life. Finally, in December, she started coming to DTQ Club! After hearing the Gospel at DTQ Club in January, she expressed confusion about salvation. During her small group discussion, she recognized the truth of the gospel. Later that week, on a zoom call with one of the DTQ leaders, she signed her prayer to God, asking for His grace to apply to her.

Pray for God’s protection for these two sweet girls and that there would be no barriers to them continuing to participate and experience God’s love.