Being Used by God

August 24, 2023


Jamie Jiang
Deaf Teen Quest

When “Dan” received Christ several years ago we soon realized that God had blessed him with the gift of evangelism. But nothing prepared us for the way God’s gift would shine through him at DTQ Camp.

“Oliver” had come to DTQ with a confused understanding of salvation and his relationship with God. As Camp week began, Oliver began asking important questions, and when an analogy about salvation confused him, Dan jumped in to clarify. Later in the week, Oliver began to stress about what a new life might mean and how that would look for him. Dan stepped in again, drawing him back to the main point, saying, “You don’t have to worry about any of that other stuff right now. All you need to think about is whether or not you want to start a relationship with God.”

On the last day of Camp, Oliver recognized there was nothing holding him back from trusting Jesus with his salvation. Oliver prayed, asking for a restored friendship with God through Jesus. When he stumbled on the words, Dan encouraged and prompted him. And when it came time to share how God had moved during the week at the “Say So,” Oliver stood in front of everyone — with Dan by his side — and told the entire Camp that he was now a friend of God.

Along with Dan, three other DTQ teens received Christ on the last day of Camp! Please join us in praising God for drawing them to Himself. Thank you for your support of DTQ Camp! Because of your generosity in prayer and giving, four teens are now in Christ, and Dan was given an amazing opportunity to be used by God.