A Word from Scott

First, we have learned that effectiveness is nearly always tied to a caring relationship. People help people…not programs…not government…not advertising campaigns…not rallies or big events. Research has demonstrated this. My life experience does too.

Second, we have learned that coaching people to address their own challenges is always more effective than trying to “fix” them. No matter how needy a person or community is, they still have the majority of the resources needed to address their own needs. To misunderstand this denies them personal dignity and leads to ineffectiveness.

Third, we have learned that addressing social needs is just as important as addressing spiritual needs in creating lasting change in someone’s life. To compartmentalize one from the other makes both less effective.

Finally, we have learned that helping people discover personal faith in the living God is the single most important indicator of lasting life change. Vital faith provides a basis for real hope in times of despair. This is ultimately the most powerful tool we have.

Central Ohio Youth for Christ is using these principles to effectively help people. It is a privilege for me to serve as the leader of this dynamic team of supporters, staff and volunteers who are changing our world.

I would like to personally invite you to make a difference with us. As a volunteer, as a donor, or as a future staff member, your involvement will add new dimensions to our efforts to make a lasting positive change in the lives of people.

Thank you for taking some time to visit our site. I hope your visit with us has given you a sense of how God is using us to change our world, and how you can help.

In Him,

Scott Arnold, Executive Director