A Time to Reset and Refresh

Posted on by Annette Vasulka

by Rebekkah O'Bryan

Case Manager

“Suzy” was referred to us by the juvenile court system. She had a history of trafficking and was consistently at risk for further exploitation because she tended to run away. When we began to work with her family we realized immediately that they were in crisis. The youngest child tragically died two years prior, and the entire family was grief stricken. Suzy’s mother was doing her best to manage her children and her household finances, but could only work part-time due to her nearly crippling depression. Their lack of resources only magnified her stress. We were able to provide an oven for the family, which was especially significant to them because they cooked together as a way to bond as a family. We were also able to provide groceries for the family while they were waiting to be linked to food stamps. As I spent more time in the family's home, they opened up about Suzy’s tendency to run away. She also shared more about the dangers she was battling outside of the home. I was able to help the family understand that Suzy could have the stability, safety, and significant trauma counseling she needed if she were placed for a time in the Gracehaven house. Her absence would also give her mother and siblings time to focus on their own healing. As her case manager, I advocated for her placement, and rather quickly she was placed with Gracehaven. She embraced the time there, and focused on her therapy. In fact, she did so well she will be graduating from the Gracehaven program soon. She praises her time there as a chance to “reset and refresh." We will continue providing case management for her upon her discharge, to ensure a smooth transition back into the community.

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