“You Missed out on Pizza and Jesus!”

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by Jason Sanz,

N.W. Licking County Campus Life

Max has been coming to Campus Life since the summer, and was already friends with a number of our regular attending teens through school.  He began inviting his friends to our 5th Quarter events.  I was part of a conversation with him and another boy, who missed the event, where Max said, “You missed out on pizza and Jesus!” 

In the short time I’ve known him his family has been homeless, they took in a friend to stay with them when they did have a home, he’s switched schools and he’s lost two pets.  His parents have been separated since he was young and he’s recently wondered which parent to stay with.  Despite all this, he’s a pretty happy kid and is considered a trustworthy friend.

Max was one of 17 students we took to our Fall Weekend retreat. The kids had the opportunity to get away from home, enjoy a camp atmosphere and be challenged to think about their lives through teachings and family group discussions.  It was in one of these family groups where Max made the decision to accept Jesus’ gift of adoption as a child of God, and for the forgiveness and grace that comes from being part of God’s family. 

Max has been attending a local church’s youth group which is pastored by a former Youth for Christ staff member.  Max wanted to share this experience with the youth pastor there, as well as with Steveo, our Campus Life volunteer who was his family group leader.  Happily, on a recent Sunday, in the company of role models and friends from both youth groups, Max publicly professed his personal faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. 

These are the moments that make all the work we do so worthwhile.  Please pray for Max’s effectiveness in inviting and sharing with his peers the Good News he now knows so well!

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