What Is a Gangster?

Posted on by COYFC

"Johnny" always thought he wanted to be a gangster. But God had other plans.

"I grew up in a rough neighborhood. My dad wasn't in my life so I looked up to my older brothers and people in the streets. So I grew up in the streets too. I went to jail for the first time when I was 13 for stealing candy. I went deeper into the streets, joined a gang, started stealing, robbing, shooting -- whatever. It was me and my boys against anybody but all it got us was jail time.

"I spent a year and a half in jail but didn't learn anything. But I got out and started going to City Life at Youth for Christ. I didn't know the staff at first but they tried to keep me on the right path so we got tight fast. I went on a trip with YFC and accepted Christ.

"God has really changed my mindset. I always wanted to be a gangster and I thought that meant doing certain things -- stealing, robbing, etc. But now I think a real gangster takes care of his family. I believe God wants me to chase my dreams and do better things."

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