The Results of Persistent Prayer

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by Shelley Uptegrove

Our team has prayed for Patty for two years. Before coming to City Life Patty spent time in the correctional system. Patty accepted Jesus into her life while in the detention center with the help of our YFC Chaplains. In spite of Patty's refusal at times to listen or cooperate, God has given me a soft heart for her. We had the opportunity to bond last year while on our annual mission trip. 

Patty had basically come on the trip to get out of the house for a week. I'm quite certain the power of prayer began to work on her heart. The second day I began to notice a major difference in her attitude. She started to step up and even try and encourage other girls in our group.  On one special afternoon it was very hot, we'd just returned from lunch and had a lot of work to do. We were painting all of Miss Mary's house which required the students to work extra hard and to climb on high ladders. Patty volunteered to go up which was very brave, and while up there began to share with me and two other girls her painful life story. I have to admit at times it was honestly hard to listen to, but Patty was being so real and deeply transparent I felt like I was hanging on her every word. Her openness gave  Beth the courage she needed to talk about her painful upbringing too.  

Patty just didn't understand why the adults in her life had made such outrageous selfish choices that brought her and her siblings so much pain and suffering. She talked about how difficult it was to have a Mom who was addicted to drugs and made really bad choices. 

Patty recently joined my Bible study and has been a joy to have in group. She has the gift of knowledge and is beginning to think differently about her choices. She shared she was very tempted to fight with another student over a disagreement but Patty felt the Spirit saying walk away and she did! We've seen how the power of prayer has softened and begun to truly transform a broken and desperate teen! Thank you for your prayers and partnership!

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