“We Don’t Forget Our Students”

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by Katie Campbell
City Life West

At the City Life Center, we try our best to be a safe place...a listening ear without judgement...a consistent place where students can always return. We also give loving advice without refraining from giving truth. 

Over the years we’ve seen many kids come and accept Jesus' love for them. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen many kids go, sometimes far, sometimes for a long time, sometimes forever. But the good thing is, we know that God is still with them and orchestrating their story.

“Rylee” was a City Life student in middle school. She is now in high school and has not been around in a while. She was placed in the foster care system and moved a few hours from the Center. Her placement was going well, until it wasn’t. She was moved for school truancy to a group home from which she fled. She was all over the news as a runaway and in danger.  She stayed missing for months. 

Until one day when she wanted to turn herself in. She wanted better for her life. She reached out to a staff member, Cat, who was her JV leader in middle school. That same day we drove over an hour to get her so she could start back on the right path. She is back with her Dad and enrolled in school. 

Stories like this happen often. When a young person wants help, they know that they can come receive guidance at the Center no matter how long it's been since they left.  When a City Life student, former or current, reaches out they know that our love -- that God's love and plan -- is available to them.

We don't forget our students. We don’t stop hoping that they will choose to follow Jesus. We don’t turn away opportunities to help. We are only a representation of the promise and foundation that Jesus provides. Only a co-worker, implored by Jesus, to love and mirror His love to the hurting world. 

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