“Chap, will you pray for me?!”

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“I’d love to, what for?”

“To get out of here!“

“Naw, I won’t pray for that”

“What????  You the Chaplain and you won’t pray for me?”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t pray for you. I will pray for you!  I just won’t pray you’ll just get out. It’s doesn’t take a miracle to get out of here.  Everyone gets out of here -- it’s a detention facility”

“So what ya gonna pray for?”

“How ‘bout I pray that God will guide the decision makers on your case --  the case workers, probation officers, pre-sentence investigators, counselors, magistrates & judges so that the decision that is made about you is the best one possible for you.  And how ‘bout I pray that you will accept whatever decision is made as a decision given to you by God himself.  And last, that you would learn all that God wants you to learn from this whole experience, and that you use this to become the kind of man God made you to be, so that you will never be involved with the court anymore in your life.”

(Big smile) “Yea, now that’s a good prayer!  Pray that!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation with youth over the last 20 years. 

What is always a joy to me, is how positively these youth respond to this prayer. Most often the guys “listening in” will jump in and ask for that prayer too.  You see, they really, really, want to change, not just get out of jail.  But escaping their old life takes more than a just a God-led court decision. It takes exposure to God-given alternatives: alternative beliefs, alternative values, alternative social networks, alternative role models, alternative activities -- godly alternatives that build upon the lessons God will teach them at the facilities and programs the court sentences them to.  That is what we hope to expose these youth to through our Bridgebuilders Aftercare program.

Pray for God to lead the resources He has in Central Ohio our way. The alternative role models, teachers, servants, administrators, prayer partners, and other interested supporters are out there and we need you to help us pray them up.  The field is ripe for the harvest.  

Chaplain Mike Taylor

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