At Work in Even the Most Difficult People

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by Stephanie Klotz, Campus Life Staff

“Heidi” is an eighth grader and has been coming to Campus Life since 6th grade.  Unlike most 6th grade girls, who are sweet and nice, Heidi was a handful. She was rude, didn’t listen to anyone and was distracting other students. She had no filter and would say things that no one at her age should know about. Heidi came to Campus Life claiming to be an atheist and it showed by her lack of interest in anything spiritual. 

However, about a year ago we noticed a change in Heidi. She started participating in small groups, asking good questions about God, and encouraging other students in positive things. Heidi was respectful and helpful to the leaders, and was pleasant to have around. I had some productive conversations with her to answer her questions. But at the end she always said she wasn’t ready to accept Christ.

In November we allowed a few 8th graders, including Heidi, to attend our high school Fall Weekend retreat. Although she enjoyed the weekend and learned a lot, Heidi didn’t accept Christ. The following Monday she came to the Campus Life meeting where the students who went on the trip shared what they learned. This was an inspiring time of sharing. At the end we went around the room and had all of the students pray. When it came to Heidi, she prayed right then for Jesus to come into her life and to forgive her and make her new. The entire room broke out in celebration!

What was the difference? Unbeknownst to us, Heidi had been praying for God to reveal Himself to her. And at Fall Weekend He spoke to her in a way that made her realize He is real and wanted to be in relationship with Her.

Since that night Heidi has begun a shepherding relationship with one of our JV leaders, hasn’t missed a club meeting and is always ready and excited to learn more. We are so very encouraged by Heidi’s story because it reminds us that good things take time and that God is always at work in even the most difficult people.  

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