A New, Healthy Lifestyle

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by Rebekkah O'Bryan, Case Manager

“June” was referred to us by her probation officer about a year ago. At that time, she was considered very violent. She had recently given birth to a son and was struggling to take care of him. When we began to meet, June was a closed book. By helping meet some of her basic needs, like diapers for her son or a coat for the winter, I was able to build a positive rapport with her. As time went on, she began opening up about the extensive trauma she had faced at the hands of traffickers, the childhood abuse she suffered, and the community violence she survived. June shares that before being linked to Gracehaven, she sometimes felt she had no other choice than to sell herself in order to meet the needs of her and her child. For the first time, Gracehaven helped address her mental health needs through a relationship with a counselor and a psychiatrist. We also helped her with job hunting, transportation to medical appointments, financial help, and unwavering support. One year later, June is nearly unrecognizable. She is 17, working two jobs, attending school, applying for apartments, and working hard to be the mother her son deserves. She enjoys speaking to groups about her story and how Gracehaven has supported her in her transition to a healthy lifestyle.

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