Humility and Mentoring

2/13/2017 in Category Mentoring

by Cat Tipton

“Just take me home.”

I was taken back by these words from Miami, a seventh grader who comes to our City Life Center almost every day. He’s in mentoring, fitness, music class,... More

Angie’s Story

1/20/2017 in Category Gracehaven

by Rebekkah O'Bryan

“Angie” was placed in foster care at 10 because her parents struggled with addiction. Around 14, she ran from her foster home in hopes of returning to her biological... More

“It’s Weird, but I Kinda Like It”

1/4/2017 in Category Juvenile Justice

Christy Talbert, JJM Chaplain
      I knew only that Brandy was white, 17, female, and had never asked to see a chaplain before.  I quickly found Brandy to be a bright, open, easy to like... More

“I Need to Change My Life”

1/4/2017 in Category City Life

Katie Snell, City Life

      "Sidney" started coming to City Life about seven years ago.  She was disruptive, hard to get to know and disrespectful. We normally try to avoid kicking kids out... More

Growing Socially and Spiritually

12/16/2016 in Category Gracehaven

Natalie Bunn, LSW

I have been working with “Lisa” for several months, and she told me from the beginning that she only had one friend. Lisa is socially isolated, lacks social skills and does... More