Nico grew up without a dad and lived with his drug addicted mom and her succession of her physically abusive boyfriends. Jamie regularly visits her mom in prison. Brandi was molested by three out of four of her mom's boyfriends. Diego had no such misfortune, but was raised in a home without God. 
All of these situations are common to the young people of Central Ohio. Each of these stories are tragic in their own way. Yet, no story is more tragic than a teen who faces a Christless eternity with no knowledge of what they must do to change that.
God has called Central Ohio Youth For Christ to share the light of the gospel with 11-19 year old teens, regardless of their home life, social standing or spiritual background.  We fully embrace the need to love and serve the most broken teens in a way that serves the physical and emotional brokenness we so often encounter.  In these efforts we find common cause with many who don’t share our faith. But our first and highest calling -- to share the Gospel with those who have not heard -- must always be our priority.  Our mission is clear!

Our focus areas include:

COYFC is a faith-based, 501c3 non-profit organization that provides holistic programming to youth and families through mentoring, counseling, camps, Bible studies, retreats, and more. We provide these for all people, and we encourage those who are seeking to ask questions and approach God at their own pace.

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