"The need for residential beds for trafficked girls is dire."

Former head of the Northeast Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition


Ohio's target rich environment yields about 1,200 sex-traficked victims every year.

Imagine what this means...hundreds of girls who have endured horrible physical and emotional abuse, who have no concept of a normal teenager's life.

They need a place to go...a place where they can heal and learn to live the lives they were meant to before it was taken away.

Gracehaven is ready to stand in the gap with them with a residential facility -- the only licensed residential facility for sex-trafficked minors in Ohio.

This is more than a house. It's a place where the teens can rest. They can receive consistent, loving input from a well-trained staff that provides 24-hour care. And they can enjoy a positive relational community where love, grace and acceptance is the norm.

For obvious reasons, most of these girls have significant gaps in their learning. They will attend an online school in the computer lab at the house for most of their studies. We're also partnering with the local school district to help the girls succeed through IEP's, tutoring and more focused input. We will also take the girls on field trips for enrichment and fun, something they've lacked for a long time.


For more information, go to Gracehaven's website at www.gracehaven.me.