Our goal is to mobilize people to pray for:

- kids who come to Bible study
- kids who don't come to Bible study
- kids who want to lead others
- more workers for the harvest
Contact: Katie Campbell, [email protected]



We are looking for people to:

- mentor a young person 1-1
- volunteer at a weekly Bible study
- help teach an after-school class such as automotive, audio/video production, screen printing/textile arts, pottery, fitness, etc.
Contact: Steve Knotts, [email protected]



Do you know someone who may be interested in:

- Attending or inviting others to a one-hour See the Story tour.
Contact: Tami Strack, [email protected]



These items are very helpful:

- NLT Bibles
- Educational rewards such as baseball hats, winter hats, socks, drawstring bags, fast food cards, headphones, perfume, razors, etc.
Contact: Katie Campbell, [email protected]