A Teen Mom’s Story

December 1, 2021


The teenage years are tenuous at best. Imagine being a teenager and becoming a mother. So many of these teen moms end up dropping out of school, losing both the opportunity to earn their diploma and an important connection to positive adults and peers.

Kayli earned her high school diploma in our Teen Parents program. Here she shares some heartfelt words about her experience:

“I was 16 and still in high school when I had my son. After going to the school counselors and requesting to graduate a year earlier and being denied, I withdrew from school and started on my GED. After having my son, I realized I really wanted to graduate from high school. This program gave me the opportunity to complete my classes and not have to worry about child care. It also allowed me to earn credits from studying toward clothes, toys, etc.

“Being a young single mother, I didn’t believe that I could accomplish some of these goals. But these women who put so much into this program are absolutely amazing! Not only did they give me the chance to get my high school diploma, but they motivated me to go to college where I am currently earning my RN certification!”

We’re thankful for Kayli and for the opportunity to support her – and so many other teen moms – in their goals for school and for life.