What are the four documents every person over 18 absolutely should have?

They are a Last Will, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney for Finance

Do I need a will?
Having a will is important and can be a great way to support the people and causes you
love. It ensures that your wishes are known, saving your loved ones the stress and cost
of intestate probate proceedings, and letting you (and not the government) decide
where your property goes.

How much does creating a will using FreeWill cost?
FreeWill does not cost anything to use. We provide a top-quality product at no cost to make planning as
easy as possible.

How do I create my will using FreeWill?
FreeWill provides a simple, intuitive and efficient way of creating wills. Start by
answering simple questions about you and your wishes. At the end of those questions,
you will receive a PDF document to download and print. This PDF document will include
an instructions page which will guide you through signing and witnessing document to
make your will official.

Is a will from FreeWill legally valid?
Yes. As soon as you print out your will, and sign it in front of two witnesses, it is a valid
legal document in Ohio.


Who makes a good witness?
Your two witnesses should be 18 or older, be of sound mind, and cannot be named in
the will.

What should I do with my will once I sign it?
Be sure to leave it in a safe, secure place, and make sure the person you’ve chosen as
your executor knows exactly where it is.

I already have a will. Can I use FreeWill to update it?
Yes, you can! To do so, simply create and execute a new will using FreeWill, and destroy
the earlier version.

What is a living will and how do I make one?
A living will, also known as an advance healthcare directive (or advance directive), is a legal
document that states your medical wishes if you become unable to communicate or decide
them for yourself. A living will is not the same as a last will and testament (more commonly
referred to simply as 'will'). FreeWill also offers completely free advance healthcare directives.

What happens if I want to change my will from FreeWill?
We are glad you asked! It is easy to make an account if you want to come back to your
will at any time, edit it, and generate a new one. Just make sure to print out your
updated will and sign it in front of two witnesses.

What is Power of Attorney for Medical and Finance and why is it important?
In the case of Medical and Financial Power of Attorney, an individual has the right to designate
a power of attorney to make decisions for them. Choosing people you trust to hold your medical and financial powers of attorney gives you more control over your interests and ensures your wishes are followed.

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